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3 Reason why might miss having A 9-5 as a creative

Whether you are a freelance creative or side hustler here are a few important things you might be missing from not having a 9-5.

Totally referring to a 9-5 with proper structure not a 9-5 with no structure or idea of where their business would be in the next 5 years. It’s funny i amongst a whole lot would not give into a 9 to 5 which isn’t a good or a bad thing but we miss out on a few important things which I’ll be listing below:

  1. Health Insurance: one reason is health care which becomes more and more important as you get older. The 9-5 businesses help their employees build a structure around this so you’re not missing out on this but as a creative there’s no one telling you why you need this hence we don’t plan for this in our payment structure or monthly budget,
  2. Pay on leave/holiday allowance:I’m not saying every 9-5 has this but if I were to be working at any company they’d definitely have this. Some creatives might beg to differ on this (2) simply put the whole point of working from home is the ability to work from anywhere without being around and getting paid; okay you’re right but does anyone give you that extra holiday allowance ? Well I thought so too.
  3. Pension: The word might sound a tad bit boring to a bunch of millennial creatives but trust me its just as important. Start investing in your retirement no one wants to be a liability to their kids lol you’re probably thinking like I am “Sis chill still got 30 years to go”

I guess we all started this creative journey to build a long lasting business out of it and with time build a solid structure around it.

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The whole point of this post is to simply create awareness that as a creative, freelancer, side hustler etc. we do “EVERYTHING” ourselves including trying to figure out important things (the points above) no job is easy you only enjoy it more doing what you love even if it’s a 9-5 be the best at it. Don’t be hung up on being a Creative Entrepreneur to be crowned successful.

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