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How to lose 40% of YOUR body fat: the story of A Man who lost 56KG!

This is the story of Abdulkareem Adisa — a man who weighed 123 kg at 40 years old and was very close to incurable health problems.

Adisa realized that he wasn’t willing to accept a life of a diabetic fat man. He chose another path.

I knew I had to take more drastic measures. I had to get my weight down to normal. I was miserable. I could barely zip up my XXXXXL trousers on my 112-118 cm waist. Even that size became too small soon. I regularly switched out my button-fastenings that didn’t stand the strain.

It became very difficult to find a proper shirt. XXL T-shirts rode up and button-down shirts fitted extremely tightly when I sat down. I didn’t sleep well. When I was lying on the couch or in bed, I felt like a beached whale.

I came to this point for several reasons. It originated in my childhood.

I never ran a whole mile from the beginning till the end without breaks and walks at a slow pace in my life.

By 2015, I weighed 119 kg and was very close to diabetes.

I decided that I had to change my life. I worried a lot about my wife. I didn’t want to make her a widow.

I started out with diets, as usual.

All diets work based on the same principle: if you consume fewer calories than you burn, your weight will go down.

But for some unknown reasons, you put on the same amount of weight and even more later.

After a few months of being on a diet I realized that a reduction of calories is not enough. I needed something else. Something more active and effective.

So I went to the gym. But I didn’t get the desired results either. So much physical and psychological torments. So many restrictions on the things I liked and not even minor results – all of these were reasons for my depression.

I started drinking heavily and put on all the weight that I managed to lose through my hard work along with another 8 kg.

It was obvious that this could not last long and when my wife left me, I realized that I had to fend for myself.

My new life started with an appointment with a therapist. I can imagine how miserable I was: a very strong fellow to the tune of 120 kg in tears and swollen. He wipes his eyes with a handkerchief, complains about how poor and miserable he is.

Of course, all my problems were sorted out. It was clear that without a doctor I suffered psychologically from excess weight, but I needed a solution for my problems.

My favorite Dr. Joan Sigma gave it to me. No, it wasn’t psychotherapy courses. The solution to all my problems was a little box Green Coffee.

When I took this gift I couldn’t even imagine that everything would be so simple.

Of course, I immediately asked Joan about this product. Briefly: Green Coffee – is a new product in the weight loss field or, to be more precise, for rapid fat burn. Produced in South America. You should take it strictly according to the instructions. At the same time, you don’t need to be on any diet. (You can find more information on the official website of the manufacturer)LEARN MORE

After that, I started looking for information about this product and found a research article where there is a detailed explanation. I had no more doubts.

I never thought that the weight loss process could be so easy and delicious!

Green Coffee composition Green Coffee is unique! It includes chlorogenic acid, caffeineand tannin. Due to the acceleration of your metabolism and cleansing process, you lose weight very intensely. In fact, that was all I needed.

You can only buy Green Coffee online. The product is not publicly for sale yet.

Well, I visited the site and ordered one package (in addition to the one that my doctor gave me) of Green Coffee It is very convenient that there is no prepayment required. It makes life a lot easier.

But I want to mention that I didn’t open the second package. The first one was enough.

I won’t digress, I continued going in for workouts once a week – to maintain my health (I didn’t want to have symptoms of diabetes, because with Green Coffee I could eat everything I wanted)

After only 2 weeks, I was shocked by the results – I was down 8.3 kg! I couldn’t believe what was happening to my body. I was losing kilograms, my body was becoming smaller, and my physique was changing right before my eyes! Shortness of breath is gone. I became popular with women. I’ll tell you secretly that my virile power also increased by several times! At the same time, I denied myself nothing in my nutrition!

Only lazy people wouldn’t be able to lose weight like this!

One package was enough for me for 3 months!

I spent a lot of money on clothing. I changed my size every 2 weeks. I started with XXL shirts. Now I wear M size.

April 12, 2016 I weighed 67 kg – 52 kg lessthan before when I often fell into depression. All in all, thanks to Green Coffee, I’ve lost 56 kg

Impressive, isn’t it?

This weight loss experience taught me that I can achieve anything. I feel like I’m on top of the world. I’ve never felt better and happier!The only purpose in my life was to improve my physical health. Well, now that’s been achieved.

It remains to be decided which of the problems will be the next one on my list.

I would like to tell those who read me that you shouldn’t put off your weight loss because you won’t notice when put on another 10 kg a year and it will be too late to do something about it. Plus, weight loss with Green Coffee is so easy that you won’t even notice while you begin to “disappear”.

You can order the original Green Coffee only on the website of the OFFICIAL supplier. Here is a link to their websiteORDERTags Weight lossHealth


I’ve been drinking Green Coffee for about 2 months. My result is I’m down 35 kg!


Great product!


Ha! Can you imagine his ex’s temper! I suppose, she didn’t think that he could lose weight so fast! 🙂


The story is really inspiring. I’m gonna buy this Green Coffee now!


I’ve been losing weight with this product for 2 months. I’ve lost almost 30 kg! It was very interesting to read a similar story. I had no particular reason to lose weight, but when I was a little over 20 I looked in the mirror and saw a FAT WOMAN!!! It was just awful, given that my boyfriend weighed only 70 kg! Can you imagine how we looked together…? I believed that Green Coffee would help and started to use it immediately. My boyfriend was very supportive. We ordered the supplement and couldn’t believe our eyes when I lost 5 kg for the first week! I am very glad that I didn’t torture myself with diets, eating porridge with yogurt, etc. Green Coffee is my only diet and I won’t believe any other one. Therefore, I advise it to all those who suffer from extra kilos – don’t despair, there is a solution and that solution is Green Coffee Adisa, thanks for your story!


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