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Around the world with WordPress: Jamaica

Our travels around the world so far have taken us to Scotland and New Zealand. On this spin of the globe we land on the beautiful country of Jamaica. The largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is a cultural melting pot, and its diverse ethnic roots are reflected in the national motto, “Out of Many One People” — and also in its range of WordPress sites!

Adventures From Elle

Rochelle Knight, Adventures with ElleRochelle Knight is a medical doctor and writer who lives in Kingston. Her blog is dedicated to making Jamaica more accessible to locals and visitors who want to experience her island home. She does not write to brag about her travels — she writes to tell you how to get there too:Let’s not make this another travel blog as Adventures from Elle isn’t meant for vicariousness. I rather inspire your own adventures! If you’re living in or visiting Jamaica, I hope you’ll browse and find somewhere new to explore. If not, use this blog to learn more about a country for which I’m most passionate, or use it as inspiration to ford your own streams. Travel blogging or travelling for that matter doesn’t have to be in far and distant lands, even though I plan to visit those lands someday and you should too, if you can. However, it can also be about visiting a new parish or state, a new restaurant, a new corner of the park or even just strolling around the town in which you live that you think you know so well. You may be surprised that there are still interesting places you pass each day on your commute that you’ve never visited.

National Gallery of Jamaica Blog

Shoshanna Weinberger – Midnight Selfies with One SunsetEstablished in 1974, The National Gallery of Jamaica is the oldest and largest public art museum in the Anglophone Caribbean. It has an active exhibition program,  including retrospectives of work by major Jamaican artists, thematic exhibitions, guest-curated exhibitions, and touring exhibitions. The blog gives artists, such as Shoshanna Weinberger, the opportunity to explain their work to a wider audience:

My work explores the complexity of heritage, assumed norms and confronts the complexities of cultural ambiguity and peripheral identities. The work is rooted in an exploration of my Caribbean-American heritage, the consequential implications and experiences of racial identity, and external perception of racial categorization. Referencing adolescent memory, body image, and our current xenophobic rhetoric, I render my muses along a spectrum of character types and marginalized bodies. Some are excessive, sexualized, and quirky. Others are passive or dominant, a culmination of figures that ultimately question standards of beauty and identity.


JamaicamochaJamaicamocha is a Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee Broker. Blue Mountain coffee has a floral aroma, acidity, and full body — and is considered by many connoisseurs to be the world’s finest coffee! The bean is grown at 7,500 feet in the majesty of the Blue Mountains, where the climate is cool and the soil is rich. This website allows you to buy beans, and also to learn about all things coffee on their fascinating blog:

Last year Starbucks announced plans to use Blockchain with the aim of allowing consumers to in real time trace the origin of the bean. Ultimately as a method of  improving pricing throughout the supply chain. This method…will definitely be replicated throughout the luxury coffee market.

The Island Journal 

The Island Journal

The author of The Island Journal, Denise N. Fyffe, believes that knowledge empowers you, and uses her blog to express this principle. Her blog represents all things Jamaica — literally — everything is covered, from culture, politics, lifestyle, sports, music, events, spirituality and relationships. The history section delves into Jamaica’s past; including the time Jamaican reggae icon Bob Marley was attacked by seven gunmen at his home in Kingston, Jamaica. Miraculously, amid a shower of bullets, there were no fatalities:

It was 9 p.m. on a Friday evening when two cars roared into the driveway of Marley’s home on Hope Road. After sealing the exit with one car, four of the gunmen began firing into the windows of the house. Another man, described by one observer as looking like “a 16-year-old kid, scared to death,” burst in the side and began firing wildly. One of the gunmen entered the kitchen, pushing past percussionist Alvin “Seeko” Patterson, and took aim at Marley. Group manager Don Taylor happened to be directly in front of Marley and took five of the seven shots, four in his upper thighs. One bullet grazed Marley’s chest directly below the heart, and passed through his arm.

Tasty Island Food

Jamaican Pineapple. Tasty Island Food.

Tasty Island Food is a site about “food and recipes to mek yuh lick yuh lips & rub yuh belly”! It features some information about Jamaican food, as well as a plethora of delicious traditional recipes, including one to make just about anything Jamaican with jerk seasoning:

Jerk just adds a whole new flavor to your meat. You can find Jerk Seasonings almost anywhere around the world, some authentic, some are not, but if you want to guarantee that you are using the best Jerk spice on your meat, make your own.

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