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Travel after Corona

With countries starting to open their borders & airlines slowly starting to resume their flights, the prospect of traveling is now becoming more of a reality. A question that has been asked many times over the last few months is this: What will travel be like after coronavirus? Many travel bloggers & tour companies have given their opinions & speculations. Truthfully, that’s all they are – opinions & speculations. It frustrates me to see articles being published stating what will happen & people believing these.

We are constantly being told this is an ‘unprecedented’ situation. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the word unprecedented means never having happened or existed in the past. While there have been pandemics in the past, it is true that the impact that Covid-19 has had on the travel & airline industries is like nothing they have ever had to recover from in the past. With that being said, how can we possibly try predict the outcome of something that has never happened before?

Another aspect is that this is a global crisis with each country taking their own course of action & even then, different organizations within are taking different approaches to these actions. Some countries are opening up to tourists with very few restrictions, some with a long list of restrictions & others aren’t opening up to tourists at all. Some airlines are implementing social distancing practices on board, others require their crew to wear full body PPE & some are continuing as normal just with everyone wearing face masks.

I don’t think there is anyone more anxious for travel to start up than I am. Not only is my job in the travel industry, but traveling is a huge part of my recreational life & as I’ve written about before, my family & friends are in a different country. So I completely understand why people are looking for some sort of structure for the future & I empathize with people frustrated by this situation. However, I think this is a time when we have to wait & see what happens. Coming up with predictions is only misinforming people & possibly giving false hope & those are two things I hope my blog never does. Let’s take things as they come. Travel will be different, but we don’t know how just yet.

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