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A Dollop of History


An Ancient Greek Ghost Story


Hallowe’en Snack Platter (1944)


Victorian Walnut Ice Cream


Hallowe’en Pumpkin Pie (1919)


Hallowe’en Salad, a Retro Gelatin Treat


The Tragic Life of ‘Bloody’ Mary Tudor

Scotch Barley Broth, 1755

An 18th-century version of a classic Scottish barley stew.

Chinese Almond Tea, 1792

This Qing Dynasty-era recipe is still enjoyed as a classic Chinese dessert.

A 1916-Style School Lunch

A sample lunch basket and recipes for three warm school lunch items from a 1916 book called “The Rural School Lunch.”

Vintage School Lunch Recipes and Menus (1916-1960)

With school fast approaching, if it hasn’t already arrived, I thought it would be fun to have a little look at the history of school lunch in the United States. I won’t be covering the historical evolution of the school lunch programs or nutritional requirements in detail, at least not right now. This is more…READ MORE

Raspberry Tea Cake, 1866

A delicious Victorian-era tea cake with raspberry filling.

Portuguese Moorish Chicken

A 15th-century Portuguese chicken dish inspired by Arab cuisine.

Milkemete Custard, c. 1450

This medieval custard pudding is thickened with flour and eggs and can be thickened and sweetened to taste.

Mughlai Carrot Halwa and a Brief History of Medieval Indian Cuisine

An overview of Indian culinary history and its many foreign, religious and cultural influences. Experience 16th-century Mughal cuisine through this traditional carrot halwa recipe.

14th-Century Mushroom Pasties

These c. 1395 French hand pies are filled with mushrooms and cheese and flavored with spices.

Piano Sheet Music for Medieval History Buffs

While my content is usually based around historic food, today’s post will be a little bit different. I have chosen to use my ever-decreasing free time to revisit a subject I used to write about on this blog and to finally complete a project that has been gathering dust for the past few years. Medieval…READ MOREOLDER POSTS


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Orange Jello

Neapolitan Loaf, 1936

Strawberry Jello Whip, 1936

Date Bavarian Cream, 1929

Tomato Aspic, 1943

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