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Nigeria protest

“The future is unforgiving to the one who mortgage it over a pot of porridge.”

For the past few days i have watched my fellow youths make massive strides in an attempt to salvage the nation from further decadance. The campaign headlined one of the major bicker of the nation which is police brutality.

Like never before a large mass of people took the streets nationwide to show their dismay and it has been greeted with massive cooperation from denizens home and abroad devoid of ethical or religous differences which have been a divisive fulcrum in recent times; Most importantly these campaigns has put the government on their toes and resulted to swift responses and willingness to listen. From putting an end to the prolonged school strikes to putting an end to SARS, i must say this are commendable results.Not only has it yielded results but it is liberating other campaigns

I must state how impressive these actions have been. In an era where alot of us have forgotten how to exercise our rights instead run to a greener pasture in a failed attempt to organize our own home.

I will like to encourage everyone at the fronts to keep on marching and never be deterred or hindered by force, bad mouth or any form of discouragement. However, do not take laws into your hands and do what is right when you are out there; Be a leader of yourself, advocate only for what is right and not what is en masse, Ensure that the theme isn’t diluted or hijacked by people who are looking for opportunities to futher divide us or people with other motives. Even in advanced nations, these are the sacrifices made for a better tomorrow.

A world that we create, is a world our sons and daughters cannot escape.

One day, the glory will come and we are going to be alright. Remember, we are stronger together and this is how we should be even after this cause. It doesn’t end here. We are going to take this same energy to march to other campaigns and also the polling booths to vote for better leadership based on merits for it is key; You cannot keep on dancing with the devil and wonder why you are still in hell. We are responsible for our leaders.

May God rest the souls of victims of police brutality and as a result of these course and God bless Nigeria!

Kamalsmemoir #ForABetterNigeria #NoToPoliceBrutality #ReformThePolice #EndSARS #MinutesBeforeMidnight

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